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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

The Procedure

The Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG) has surged in popularity over the past few years. Currently, more than half of the bariatric procedures performed in the United States are the LSG. This is due to the effectiveness at lowering weight and treating weight-related health conditions while being a safe procedure. *

During the LSG, 80% of your stomach will be removed. Your surgeon will complete this through a few small incisions in the abdomen and then cutting and stapling your stomach to complete the removal. The remaining portion of your stomach resembles a banana or “sleeve” shape. Unlike more invasive bariatric procedures, the LSG does not cut or staple the rest of the gastrointestinal tract.*

How It Works

  • Limits the amount of food you can eat in one sitting, creating a calorie deficit
  • Suppresses appetite. The stomach produces a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone tells your brain “I am hungry.” By removing the majority of your stomach less ghrelin will be produced and you should feel less hunger throughout the day
  • The LSG also produces alterations in gut hormones that help control appetite, satiety and improves blood glucose


  • Long-term weight loss. 50% of excess body weight loss sustained for 3-5 years or more
  • 93% of patients with diabetes experienced complete remission (no medications) or improvement (decreased medications) after LSG
  • Significant resolution or improvement in high blood pressure, sleep apnea and other weight-related health conditions
  • 1 night hospital stay on average
  • No alterations or re-routing of the bowel
  • Does not require foreign object placement

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