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Frequently Asked Questions


I Want the Surgery. What's My Next Step?

Yes, gather all the information together (diet records, medical records, tests) and letter from your personal physician stating that the surgery is a medical necessity for the treatment of your obesity. The more information we can provide your carrier, the more difficult it can be for them to deny you coverage.

Is a Psychiatric Evaluation Necessary?

Yes, we require all patients to see a psychiatrist to evaluate a basic understanding and knowledge of the procedure and the ability to follow the post-operative plan of care. Most insurance carriers require an evaluation and so we try to shorten the process for you.

What is the Purpose of all the Pre-op Tests and Consultations?

As with all types of major abdominal surgery, there is a chance of complications. We need all these tests and consultations to obtain an accurate assessment of your health. Before proceeding with this major surgery we need to make sure you are medically sound for this life changing procedure.

How Long Does it Take to Schedule the Procedure?

Once we receive insurance authorization we can schedule for surgery within 2 to 4 weeks once financial arrangements have been met and all your pre-operative consultations and clearances have been completed and reviewed by the surgical team.

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