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Adventist Midwest Health Imaging Services


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Adventist Midwest Health offers state-of-the-art imaging using the most advanced technology available, including a digital imaging system that allows physicians to view results immediately. Our dedicated and highly-skilled radiology team members are committed to giving you top-quality care in a safe environment.

With current medical imaging technologies such as digital X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasounds, physicians can easily diagnose many diseases and injuries without relying on more invasive procedures, such as surgery. In fact, radiologists now have the tools to create detailed images to diagnose and characterize health problems throughout the body with unprecedented accuracy. For more information on the specific types of imaging and radiology services at our hospitals, please see our locations.

Convenient Locations for Imaging Services

Adventist Midwest Health Imaging Services has convenient locations in both hospital and outpatient settings, including

The network also includes four off-campus medical imaging centers

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To schedule a radiology appointment at any of the network's locations, please call 630-856-7070. Or, you can search for a physician offering medical imaging who’s close to home.